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Independent Testing

Testing is of paramount importance to assess the design, operation, functionality, quality and reliability of an application. We here at Osmosys, believe that, identifying a defect is only half the job done, analyzing the scenario and detecting the root cause of the defect is the complex part of Testing. Good testing comes from people with experience of software design, development and implementation. Each of these activities instills different aspects of software life-cycle, thus creating a test engineer unparalleled in quality. Such a belief and commitment to quality has ensured trustworthy testing from Osmosys to clients across the world.

Osmosys has experience of testing a wide range of software applications like single page applications, complex portals, desktop tools and mobile apps in a wide range of domains like insurance, education, healthcare, manufacturing and others. We have also provided intensive testing services for a number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM based applications. Our range of services include GUI testing, Functional testing, Load testing, Stress testing and Regression testing. Our internal bug tracking tool “Bug-trail” provides necessary functionality for bug recording and tracking.

Osmosys offers independent application testing services that help you deliver business solutions and technologies with high quality outputs. Our talent pool of certified test managers and trained test engineers meticulously cover all aspects of the application and its environment with a proven methodology. We have experience working in sprints and participate SCRUM calls with clients on a regular basis and most of the projects we work with, run in agile process.


Benefits Of Independent Testing Team:

  • Ensures that applications are rigorously tested using industry-standard testing practices.
  • Verifies if an application will function properly and provide the business with the benefit it was designed for.
  • To get an unbiased view which will help detect defects that can’t be detected otherwise.
  • Strict adherence to customer’s objectives.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
Developer Internal Testing End User Independent Testing
Attitude Biased (Pass) Influenced Unbiased Unbiased
Data Stretching Little or None Moderate Realistic Extensive
Resource & Time Adhoc Dedicated Usage Dependent Focused & Experienced
Depth Rarely Frequently Usage Dependent Exhaustive
Emotional Attachment High Low Low None
Developer Influence High Moderate To High None None
Improper Actions Rarely Unplanned Unplanned Planned

Independent testing with dedicated resources provides an environment isolated from any influence from the development team, thus removing any possible bias towards the application. Our independent testing team benefits from their ability to visualize different usage issues of an application and a strategic approach to uncover the defects which may come at different stages in software usage lifecycle.