Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Work with the nerds for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We are proud of our in-depth knowledge of the product, experience in tweaking at various levels and a high level of availability and support. This includes WebResources, custom ASPX pages and data exchange with other applications. And this world class service available to you at a very affordable price.


Software Development

In this world of dime a dozen programmers, we differentiate ourselves with our commitment to a high level of quality delivery, our ability to stand by the client through thick and thin and ensuring a long relation with you. We are your partners in your solution making and are always ready to take two extra steps to achieve your dream.



You build it - we bang it, and we do it mercilessly. An excellent team of test engineers with an attitude to protect the interests of the end user are available to you at Osmosys. If you are developing software, we will be your independent test team that does a detailed nook and corner testing to ensure your delivery is of highest quality.


Mobile App

If you have a software / service and that is not available as a Mobile APP, please do not wait any longer. The world is already running a mobile application wave and you do not want to be left behind. Work with us to give your service or product a visible print in the mobile application arena and increase your service reachability. We develop native Android, IOS and hybrid mobile applications to suit your needs.


About us

  • We are an established company with 12 years of industry standing.
  • Experienced in providing software services to clients across the world at various time zones.
  • Customer Relations are our forte and we ensure our clients are given the best support possible.
  • Our long standing clients are a matter of pride and are reminiscent of our focus on relationship.
  • We deal with a number of technologies and always bring in new tools and techniques to enrich our solutions & services to you.
  • For a higher level of involvement & support than your regular supplier, contact us now.

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